Shao Group @ ISSP, CAS


Antiferromagnetic Spintronics

  • Due to being robust against magnetic perturbations, producing no stray fields, and exhibiting ultrafast dynamics, antiferromagnets can serve as promising functional materials for next generation spintronic applications. Based on the symmetry analysis and theoretical modeling, we investigate the interplay between the magnetic order and the physical properties of the antiferromagnets, and design new material platforms with promising functionalities for antiferromagnetic (AFM) spintronics.
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Two-Dimensional Quantum Materials

  • Two-dimensional (2D) Van der Waals quantum materials and heterostructures have opened unprecedented opportunities to explore new physics and device concepts. Using the theoretical modeling based on density functional theory (DFT), we explore fascinating properties emerging in 2D quantum materials, such as ferroelectricity, quantum anomalous Hall effect, charge density wave, and superconductivity, and design the promising devices for nanoscale electronics.
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